miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

Ventajas e inconvenientes de usar ET en usabilidad

Leo a Ania Rodríguez en el blog de Aga:

• Augment usability findings
• Understand key performance indicators for visual elements on page such as photography which is not available with web analytic data
• Understand what elements users gaze/ dwell on during tasks
• Provides visual representations for hard to express behaviors
• Providing additional insights to Moderator so that they can ask more probing questing
• Observers can see what participants are fixating/dwelling on real time while users are performing the task
• Allows for compelling visualizations of usability problems for executive presentations
• Client teams and executive membership perceive this method to be cutting-edge

• Just because a user fixates on an area does not mean they saw it
• Higher severity issues can be found without the use of eye tracking
• Misinterpretations of data likely if not adequately contextualized (e.g., heat maps)
• Interaction between moderator and participant changes
• Eye tracking equipment can be difficult to learn and use
• Eye tracking equipment is costly
• Dynamic sites are difficult to analyze (for
Ajax and Flash heavy sites)
• Eye tracking is subject to technical problems

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